About the Inspired Communities Foundation

The Inspired Communities Foundation provides education and life-changing, values-based experiences that inspire at-risk families to be strong and help children and parents navigate social and economic barriers. Research-based curricula, combined with values-based instruction, delivered by home visiting professionals help create a positive environment that equips children to achieve academic readiness and lead healthy and rewarding lives.

What is an At-Risk Family? 

Families and children can be at risk from a range of factors that represent challenges to effective parenting and child development. These factors include low parent intellectual functioning; a history of maltreatment as a child; living under conditions of poverty; single parenthood; family instability or other stressors, including violence, neglect, low nutrition, drug abuse and parental mental health. 

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The Areas We Serve 

The Inspired Communities Foundation serves some of the poorest counties in Arkansas. We have an active presence in Sharp, Fulton, Izard, and Stone counties.


The Inspired Communities Foundation made a purposeful commitment in 2016 to increase by 25 percent the geographic area served. Our newest area, Stone County, ranks 72nd among 75 counties in a state that ranks 48th in median annual income. Our strategies focused upon extending our reach to children living in poverty and attracting and keeping more at-risk families through the developmentally crucial years.

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 Allocation of Funds 

88.3% Community Programs 
11.7% Management & Operations

Our Staff

Bob Burton

Bob Burton


Bob Burton pursues his passion for helping others as co-founder and Executive Director of the Inspired Communities Foundation. With over 20 years health care experience, and 15 years as a pastor, he earned a BA in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University, a Master in Hospital Administration from Trinity University, and a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary.

Bob has authored or co-authored numerous articles and has gained recognition as a noted speaker and the recipient of over a dozen national awards.

Bob enjoys living with his wife Kay in a beautiful valley in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas where he pursues hobbies of playing/composing for piano and violin, history, archeology, and outdoor sports.

Kay Burton

Kay Burton

Vice President

As co-founder and Vice-president of the Inspired Communities Foundation, Kay Burton is realizing her dream of teaching and inspiring others to grow in body, mind and spirit. She has earned a BA from the University of Arkansas in Speech and Dramatic Art, a Master of Science in Education from the University of Central Arkansas and a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary.

Kay has 25 years’ experience as a public school educator, 14 years’ as a
pastor/teacher and 28 years’ as a small business owner/entrepreneur. She has been a four-time recipient of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as Named by the Best Students. Kay has authored and been the subject of articles and video productions. She loves scrapbooking, cooking, gardening and enjoying the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains with her husband Bob and cat Winston.

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