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Healthy Families America

Healthy Families America (HFA) is an internationally recognized home visiting program for at-risk families who may have histories of trauma, poverty, intimate partner violence, and mental-health and/ or substance abuse issues. HFA services begin prenatally or at birth and are offered voluntarily, intensively and over the long-term (3 to 5 years).

The HFA model is based on more than 30 years of research. Currently there are nearly 400 affiliated HFA program sites in 40 States, DC, and all five US territories.

HFA Results 

HFA has a strong research base and evaluation studies of HFA programs in 12 states produced the following outcomes:

  • Reduced child maltreatment
  • Increased utilization of prenatal care and fewer pre-term, low weight babies
  • Improved parent-child interaction and school readiness
  • Decreased dependency on welfare and other social services
  • Increased access to primary care medical services
  • Increased immunization rates

The savings in preventing adverse child outcomes is estimated to be as high as $15 for every dollar spent on the Healthy Families America program*. HFA helps to build and sustain community partnerships to systematically engage overburdened families in home visiting services prenatally or at birth.

Our Goals

  • Cultivate and strengthen nurturing parent-child relationships.
  • Promote healthy childhood growth and development.
  • Enhance family functioning by reducing risk and building protective factors

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is a trusted resource providing a proven parent education model featuring intimate, in-home visits with parents and children. Our work helps young children grow up healthy, safe and ready to learn. Parents as Teachers partners with parents to prepare children for a stronger start in life—for example, through early detection of developmental delays and health issues—and for greater success in school.

Parents as Teachers helps organizations and professionals work with parents during the critical early years of their children’s lives, from conception to kindergarten—and the results are powerful.

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Children’s Health Initiative

Currently under development, the Children’s Health Initiative seeks to leverage existing support systems to test a community partnership model to inspire hope, create positive parenting skills, build character, and to teach healthy habits and behaviors to young children and families.

The basis for character building is derived from the widely respected Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets Age 3-5. Opportunities for family teaching include, but are not limited to: positive family communications, service to others, family boundaries, adult role models, and positive peer relationships.

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